NYC Weekend (weakened)


James Ensor

For the past few weeks I’ve had a ton of work and lots of friends having problems and coming to me to talk about them. I don’t usually mind this, I like helping people, but I was starting to feel totally depleted, like I had a million hoover vacuum hoses sucking my energy. I decided last weekend to have a staycation- no dogwalks or drama, just doing what I wanted to do, this is such a rarity that I savored every minute of it. 

Saturday we went to Shopsins,how do I love thee, let me count the ways. One is for the cussing customer commentary coming from the kitchen. Two is for the rules like no cell phones, or parties bigger than 4. Three is for the apple ebelskivers. Dennis and I actually get up early on Saturdays to get to this family run New York institution. There’s actually a documentary about Kenny Shopsin the owner called I Like Killing Flies. Its very entertaining and illustrates the amazing breed of small business owners in NYC, which are a dying out with all the chain stores and high-priced condos moving in. Kenny also wrote a cookbook of all his crazy and delicious recipes called Eat Me: Food and Philosophy of Kenny Shopsin

It was raining (like usual) so we headed up to the European Union that is MOMA to check out the James Ensor Exhibit, Fighting Skeletons. Its hard to imagine him back in the day (1860–1949) painting these dark, crazy skeleton and puppet images. What struck me was that he also had these amazingly colorful paintings of biblical stories like Christ Calming the Storm. If you are in the New York area you should really check this show out. 

Then we went to see the musical Avenue Q on Broadway. Shout out to my friend Maryann McSweeney who plays bass in the orchestra! It was hilarious. Puppets having sex on Broadway and songs like Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist and The Internet is for Porn. Unfortunately, its closing at the end of September, but they had a good run!

We headed back to Brooklyn and had dinner at Pequena which is this incredibly small and good mexican restaurant in Fort Greene. They have the amazing black bean and sweet plantain quesadillas. They are soon opening a location in Prospect Heights only a few blocks from my apartment! I overate and waddled home. 

Sunday we had a great breakfast at Rose Water in Park Slope. I had these great sweet yet sour plum  crepes. Then we went into Manhattan and walked on the Highline. The design work they did on it is great, paths flow into flowers and brush. They left some of the original tracks too. They have this area with a window over the street and bleachers where you can sit. It would be a great place for a reading. Next we went to one of our favorite museums the Rubin Museum of Art which has art from the Himalayas and surrounding areas. The Rubin is always a calm quiet place in the middle of crazy Manhattan. We looked at the Mandala exhibit. Sand Mandalas are such an interesting concept to me. The idea of creating such a beautiful piece of art and then just letting it blow away. I don’t know if I could do it. I think I have to much attachment to my creations. 

All in all it was a good staycation. Fall is just around the corner and things are cooling off. People seem in better moods and the sun is shining in the cloudy blue. I love living in New York. I could just walk around for hours and never get bored. So much too see, so much to do, never enough time.

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