Goodbye Sweet Friend


Toby kissing Susie photo by Dennis Riley

Sadly, one of my pack passed last week after a battle with cancer. Toby was such a sweet soul, all of the other dogs calmed down around him. He will be missed. I wrote a poem to commemorate him and life. (No doubt wordpress sort of messed up the spacing but you get the point)

Pirate Dogs

Pirate dogs on parade, my faithful first mate longs

for a peg leg. Toby teeters on his three paws pausing 


along Eastern Parkway. Its loud traffic whooshing by,

shut your eyes hard enough and you’ll hear waves.


Jumping on his head like some hooligan cabin boy

gone wrong, Jasper the one-eyed whippit-beagle pup


prance- plunders our patience, leash linked, no escape.

Mischievous marauder sly with his patchless permanent


wink, roves and raids this sea beach of cement and green

for treasure, Jolly Roger chicken bones to chomp-chew.


I’m Anne Bonny groaning ARR! at my crew of buccaneers,

a poet privateer pillaging lines for sea songs, a raconteur


swashbuckling adventure out of the everyday. None of us

knows what marvels await, bewilderment just a block away.



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2 responses to “Goodbye Sweet Friend

  1. Gwyn

    I love this poem. I can visualize every step of the walk with your pack. I especially love the reference to the chicken bones. I was forever swiping a bone out of Sadie or Moe’s mouth after they snuck one in an instant! So sorry to hear of Toby’s passing. I remember seeing him walking in the evening. Such a sweet dog.
    much love,

  2. Alison

    Such a fine tribute to what sounds like a sweet, sweet beast.

    Thanks for sharing.

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