Woodstock: City folk enjoy/battle nature…

About a month ago after working 7 days straight for weeks, I called my boyfriend and left the following message:

“I’m about to lose my mind, I’m going to go up to Woodstock for a weekend. I don’t know what you’re doing, I’d love you to come, but I gotta get out of here with or without you.”

I looked on Craigslist and Homeaway.com and booked a few nights at a place called Woodstock Haven, made a  rental car reservation, and barreled through another few crazy work weeks until I could get away.

Woodstock Haven

Having your own business in NYC, especially in the pet care industry, often means being on call 24×7 which can get exhausting after a while. A trip to the woods turned out to be just what I needed and full of surprises.

My boyfriend Dennis was able to join me and we drove up last Friday morning. We went past Woostock Haven and got the keys from the very friendly owner Raye. We then had a great lunch at Oriole 9, a Woodstock Restaurant that uses food grown on a local farm by a nearby elementary school. We walked around downtown Woodstock for a little while and bought chocolate peppermint tea at The Tea Shop decided to drive over to Saugerties and check out the downtown area and historic lighthouse which is also a bed and breakfast.

Saugerties Lighthouse

The real mission was to check out Lucky Chocolates but we ran out of time. Luckily, I got to try their one of their awesome Chilli Chocolates back at the Woodstock Tea Shop.

Inside Overlook Mountain House Ruins

Saturday morning we hiked up to the Overlook Mountain House Ruins, which are rumored to be haunted. The only thing we were haunted by were lots of bugs and a group of loud teenagers. We saw many people hiking with their dogs along the way.

Overlook Mountain house ruins

We then went to the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary where I almost got trampled by sheep and Dennis had to battle the mafioso turkeys guarding the visitor center door.

Mafioso Turkeys

We had a blast hanging out with all the animals, especially the goats.

New Goat Friend

Saturday night we had a great dinner at the Bear Cafe, which has stream side dining and is delicious.

Sunday morning as we were about to head out. My boyfriend of 2 years, Dennis, proposed! Very exciting! We celebrated with brunch at Sweet Sue’s in Phoenicia. Their Lemon Ricotta Blackberry pancakes were the best pancakes I’ve had in years!

We drove back to the traffic and bustle of the city and parted ways after a great weekend and talked about dreams of having a country place of our own someday to take the dogs to and get away from the city to relax. Today, its back to work but expect info about a dog friendly wedding next spring in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY, our home.


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