DOGS OF BROOKLYN needs your help!



That’s right folks after years of hard work both writing and walking DOGS OF BROOKLYN is finally here! DOGS OF BROOKLYN is Susie DeFord’s fresh poetic narrative about her colorful life as a dog trainer and walker in Brooklyn, NY with vivid photographs by Dennis Riley.

I’m really excited, however, a book no matter how good it is doesn’t sell itself. DOGS OF BROOKLYN needs your help to be a success. How you can help!

Like and share the DOGS OF BROOKLYN facebook page for updates on events, giveaways, and copious amounts of dog photos:

Buy and review and share the book on Amazon and/or add to your Wish List. Reviews make the book easier to find online.

Help book and attend upcoming events! Please let me know if you have any ideas so far I’m thinking local animal shelter fundraisers/ readings but we need places to hold these.

Anyone good with computers/ social media? I’m trying to get the book correctly formatted for Kindle and other ebook places but could use some help. Also social media mavens please put the word out about the book!

If you write consider reviewing and pitching articles about DOGS OF BROOKLYN to blogs and magazines. I’m working on this but I can’t do it all alone.

DOGS OF BROOKLYN is a book that belongs to readers, dogs, Brooklyn and beyond. With help we can share our love of dogs and the city with the world.

Any ideas or help welcome- Please contact me at

The DOGS and I thank you!


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