Dog Poet Laureate is a blog about dog training and boarding, poetry and writing, music, travel, etc.

Susie DeFord is the author of Dogs of Brooklyn. She studied poetry at Florida State University, and received her MFA from the New School University. Her work has appeared in The Comstock Review, Dog Fancy, BOMB magazine, Poets and Artists, Shampoo Poetry, Mipoesias, Poetry Motel, Work Zine,  Survivor Magazine, Architrave, Pinyon, and the anthology Dogs Singing. She won the Cody Harris Allen Writing Award and was a finalist in the Muriel Craft Poetry Award and the New Letters Poetry Prize. She has taught writing at Brooklyn Friends School, Berkeley Carroll, and the College of New Rochelle. Also a musician, she fronted the bands Terset and Wu Wei & currently has the solo project NEON GLRZ She lives in Catskill, NY where she runs Susie’s Pet Care, a dog training and pet sitting business. She owns Dogerties General Store & Gallery in Saugerties, NY.

2 responses to “About

  1. Hershey's people

    Susie – great work!
    Both with words and with dogs.

  2. Beautiful poems. Photos are great too. I just love your banner photo.

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